I strongly believe that the use of the blushwood extract assisted in my recovery. Nureshka N., South Africa

Aussie Pure Pet Therapy Maximum Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture


    • MAXIMUM STRENGTH SAFE FOR PETS - Tested on humans
    • ALCOHOL FREE FORMULA - Oral or Topical Application
    • PROPRIETARY INFUSION PROCESS - Ensures the Maximum Amount of EBC-46 Extraction for Highest Potency
    • INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING - Certified DNA Authentic, Safe, Pure, and Natural
    • MEDICINAL BENEFITS of EBC-46 - Supports Immune System and Damaged Cells
    • NO HEAVY METALS, LEAD, OR PESTICIDE RESIDUES - Toxin-Free 100% Plant-Based Formula
    • VEGAN - NON-GMO - GLUTEN FREE - NO SOY - Naturally Grown and Harvested

    We Love Pets! Aussie Pure antioxidating and immune-stimulating Blushwood Berry Tinctures rich in EBC-46 are scientifically proven to support damaged cells inside and outside the body. Lab Tested and Certified, we scoured the globe and selected the rare Blushwood Berry for our top preventative and active supplement. Our easy-to-take handcrafted tinctures are made using time-honored methods. Please shake well and store nature's precious gift in a cool dark place.

    Serving Size: 0.6 ml
    Servings Per Bottle: 20-60 based on bottle size and dosage.

    1 - 25 lbs - 1m| 38 daily
    26 - 55 lbs - 2ml 3x daily
    56 - 100 Is - 3ml 3x daily
    107+ 165 - 4-5m 38 daily

    INTERNAL: Add directly into pet's mouth or to food or water.
    TOPICAL: Saturate treatment area and cover if possible
    2-3x daily.

    Ingredients: Blushwood Berry, Sustainable Palm Glycerin, Reverse Osmosis Purified Water


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    Last updated July 01, 2023


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Kay Rose
    Great Customer Service

    We started ordering the Blushwood Berry Tincture after my dog got cancer. I think it probably works better if it's injected, but we weren't able to do that. I think taking it orally definitely helped heal the cancer that was around her bladder/urinary tract, but unfortunately it had already spread quite a bit before we knew it. With the help of the Blushwood Berry Tincture and a raw food diet, our baby was able to fight cancer for a good 5 years before it finally slowed her down.
    The last batch of Blushwood Berry I ordered arrived right after we had to put our dog down and Aussie Pure let me return it and get a refund. They were so gracious and fantastic to work with.

    Julie Taketa

    Aussie Pure Pet Therapy Maximum Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture

    Carol Rohr

    Aussie Pure Pet Therapy Maximum Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture

    Donald West
    Mast cancer

    Our dog Molly was diagnosed with mast cancer in her right rear leg. We had it surgically removed, but as we were told it grew back. We thought now we just let nature take its course. Upon speaking with one of my cousins, he had heard years ago from a close friend & scientist who worked with a research agency here in Australia about the blushwood berry & had had excellent results with dogs. So onto good ol Dr Google & found Aussie Pure. We ordered the pet therapy. We have been applying it now for around 2 weeks & are seeing the mass slowly reducing. It is going to be a long road with the mass being the size it is, we are hopeful that there may be alight at the end, so I am going to order another bottle & see if we can defeat this cancer. Thankyou Aussie Pure 👍

    Thank you for sharing this exciting review and the journey that you’ve taken thus far to restore Molly’s health. We’re optimistic that Molly will continue to improve and are confident that she senses your care and affection for her!!

    Malgorzata Lukasiewicz
    Thank you for the product

    Our dog Luna has a stage 3 mast cell tumour. I found it early at stage 1 but the specialists in my city just ignored us for too long. When we came for the last visit, they told us that it is too late for chemo and that she needs to have third surgery( she had two and after the second biopsy showed the cancer cells) and then maybe chemo and if it does not help they will amputate her leg. We did not agree, not because of the cost of about $25K, but because we love her too much to let her suffer with no warranty at All. We did not trust this specialist, who ignored our alarm that something is wrong and that luna needs chemo immediately. We decided to look online for something that can help her. We approached Aussi and also different products that we use to help Luna. We are still waiting to see the results. We can only say that the spread has slowed, and we notice nothing new on our Luna. Luna is taking Aussi for the last two weeks, so we think it is too short to say more. But the dog loves it and I believe it is working. Thank you for the product.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! You can be sure that others will read your review and be encouraged in their pet’s health journey.