I strongly believe that the use of the blushwood extract assisted in my recovery. Nureshka N., South Africa

Aussie Pure Human Therapy Maximum Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture


  • ALCOHOL-FREE FORMULA - May be used Orally or Topically
  • PROPRIETARY INFUSION PROCESS - Ensures the Maximum Amount of EBC-46 Extraction for the Highest Potency
  • INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING - Certified Authentic, Safe, Pure, and Natural
  • MEDICINAL BENEFITS of EBC-46 - Supports Immune System and Damaged Cells
  • NO HEAVY METALS, LEAD, OR PESTICIDE RESIDUES - Toxin-Free 100% Plant-Based Formula
  • VEGAN - NON-GMO - GLUTEN FREE - NO SOY - Naturally Grown and Harvested

Aussie Pure antioxidating and immune-stimulating Blushwood Berry Tinctures rich in EBC-46 are scientifically proven to support damaged cells inside and outside the body. Lab Tested and Certified, we scoured the globe and selected the rare Blushwood Berry for our top preventative and active supplement. Our easy-to-take handcrafted tinctures are made using time-honored methods. Please store nature’s precious gift in a cool, dark place.


ORAL: As an adult, take 2ml-5ml three times a day as tolerated. (One dropperful or 1 ml is one full squeeze of the bulb.) Battling cancer, we recommend the maximum dose. (Half the amount for children.)
TOPICAL: Rub or pat the tincture into/on your entire tumor until absorbed. Do this 2-3 times a day, covering if possible. You can also saturate the middle of a gauze pad or a Band-Aid (if tolerated) with blushwood and cover the tumor. 
COMBINING ORAL AND TOPICAL TO MAXIMIZE TREATING A TUMOR: Pour the entire dose into a small cup or medicine cup. First, saturate the tumor with part of the dose (as described above) and ingest the rest orally three times a day.

Serving Size: 5 ml (minimum)

Servings Per Bottle: 8-50 based on bottle size and dosage.

Ingredients: Blushwood Berry, Sustainable Palm Oil Glycerin, Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

Our Human Therapy tinctures contain a minimum of 110mg/ml of Blushwood Berry. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Jan Kesby

It's great thankyou. Do you have any scientific research papers for different types of illnesses. Would be grateful to receive these to read. Jan

Sa Lu
So far so good

I’ve been taking Blushwood Berry for almost 4 weeks. Very easy to take. Overall, I feel very good, my skin seems to be glowing since I’ve started taking it but I do not know what effects it has on my tumor which is the main reason I bought it. I have very little pain, but I don’t see that it had any effect in terms of shrinking it. I am still hopeful that it will start shrinking the tumor eventually.

Dorothy Thompson
Awesome product

This is an amazing product,very customer oriented and friendly,God Bless this company

Dorothy Thompson
Awesome product

Awesome product and amazing company,got our orders in a timely manner,it’s hard to find companies who actually care about their customers,may God continue to bless you and your hard work as you have blessed us

Dorothy Thompson
We give you 5 stars

We love the product,need more but refuse to purchase through Amazon or Facebook,we’ll purchase from you directly