About Us

Aussie Pure Blushwood Gold was founded in 2019 as an extension of our family's personal journey using alternative medicine to help nourish, fortify, and heal holistically with little or no side effects. We are created from the same elements and compounds found in nature, so it makes sense to respectfully use nature to help keep us healthy and balanced. That's why we were elated to discover the mighty Blushwood Berry, whose seeds contain the powerful element EBC-46, known to gently combat abnormal cells while containing many of the other beneficial attributes of berries. 

Most of us have experienced the painful, tragic loss of loved ones, including our pets, from the top leading cause of death. Many of you, including our loyal customers, seek alternative methods to combat it. That’s why we built our global business around Naturopath, Doctor, and Veterinarian-approved Blushwood Berries. Handcrafting plant-powered tinctures, powders, and facial serum to help prevent and combat disease inside and out is a dream job for people who care, and we are thankful for the privilege of a job we love.


Our Aussie Pure Team:

Ron Tracy - Founder, Co-owner, Service Support, and COO. I spend my workdays delicately balancing running Aussie Pure and exploring new product opportunities. Believing life to be a Divine Gift, my "Magnificent Obsession” is to support orphan children around the world. I married my Junior High School Sweetheart in 1980 (see below), and we are blessed to have four fantastic adult children, two grandchildren who have completely stolen our hearts, and, along the way, four Shetland Sheepdogs.



Debbie Tracy - Co-owner, Product Developer, Artistic Designer, Copywriter, Editor, and Customer Service Support. I’ve struggled with health issues since I was born and failed to thrive. Doctors have come to my rescue in the form of surgery. But, along with a fascinating and rewarding life-long study of natural remedies, I have had to seek out Naturopaths to find comfort, healing, and a thriving lifestyle. That's why I’m enthusiastic about the healing power of plants. Working for a veterinarian through High School, I was accepted into the U.C. Davis Zoology Program to become a veterinarian. Sadly, chemical sensitivities detoured that career, and I am now an Award-Winning Children’s Author who always incorporates animals and references to nature and the environment in my books. For decades, I have made my own personal, skin, and household care products. My bedroom smells like a bouquet of essential oils. I share in Ron’s desire to help orphans and others in need.


Tatum Tracy Elledge - Production and Logistics Manager. I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. We have two beautiful children and one sweet fur baby who smiles as big as they do. On a warm, sunshiny day, you’ll most likely find us exploring the nature paths behind our house—by foot, bikes, or rollerblades. A freelance makeup artist, I am passionate about the fashion and beauty industry. I also thoroughly enjoy working alongside my mom and dad with Aussie Pure. It brings me joy to know that what I do helps people and pets to live healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.